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PHP is an open script server-side programming language for creating the web pages. It was created by “Rasmus Lerdorf” in 1994 then develop in 1995 and widely used to build a static and dynamic website quickly and effortlessly. Some popular companies that use PHP are Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Yahoo, Pin interest, etc. It is one of the most suited alternates for Web Developers to get their web and software solutions ready. PHP is easy to implement in this programming world. Php services are very proficient and reliable in the developing environment.

The experts at SARA Analytics is here to create PHP based ingredients for the mobile applications, Web development, websites designs, and e-commerce websites development, etc. Being one of the leading PHP development company in the world, our team of technical web expertise providing you an attractive, easy to use and user-friendly navigation on your websites and their developments. We offer comprehensive web development solutions with the support of modern designs tools and help to explore your business across the globe.

Professional PHP Web Development Services – Hire PHP Developer

The highly effective PHP developers here at SAPL provides brilliant interfaces to our clients by using a wide range of web development frameworks, these frameworks speeds up the development process, make mobile applications and web applications scalable. These PHP MVC frameworks help to create well organized, reusable and maintainable code. Also, promote the object-oriented services and makes the code secure. Some of the most popular Php frameworks are Laravel, symphony, CodeIgniter, Yii 2, Phalcon, CakePHP, Zend framework, Slim, FuelPHP, PHPixie, etc.

PHP has become one of the most popular platforms for web development services. It offers an extreme range of benefits and advantages over other platforms, that’s why it is more willingly used for developing a web solution, i.e., web app, website, software, etc. Clients who are looking for an authoritative PHP development service provider, for them it is necessary to have an in-depth look at the service provider to whom you are about to hand over the authority to get your PHP based web solutions. The service provider must be a genuine one with significant experience in transforming your app or web development idea into a fantastically working solution. Sara Analytics is fulfilling entire criteria that are required to be a trusted and reliable web development company. We have served 900+ clients with its PHP web development services in last eight years of its successful journey.

PHP features

Real-time access monitoring: Keeping track on data and appropriate access on file system making easy for the IT management in real-time monitoring.

Cross-platform compatibility: Ability of a programming language that helps programmers to develop and run the software/applications on various platforms like Linux, Microsoft, etc.

Error Handling: PHP has some predefined error reporting constants that report the bugs and generating a warning.

Object-oriented programming features: It has some OOP features like Inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism, etc.

PHP Development Services that we offer

Our efforts are directed towards the practices to make the clients available with superior solutions
most compatible with their business needs

Dynamic/Static website development.

PHP web application services.

High-quality custom PHP Services.

CRM services.

Payment Gateway services.

Tested, proven and trusted PHP solutions.

Development Benefits that can be Accessed from SAPL

Easy to Understand

As compared to other languages, it’s quite simple to get command on server side scripting language.

Cost Efficient

As it is an open source, so no need to pay for the software and tools to develop a PHP based website.

Supports All Servers

All the major servers are supported by PHP such as Netscape, Apache, Microsoft IIT, and personal web server.

Platform Independent

Web solutions developed on PHP can be accessed using any of the web browser such as MacOS, Linux, Windows, or UNIX.

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