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Magento is one of the world’s most versatile, professional, high-performance open source e-commerce platform. It has excellent multi-store functionality in a single administrative panel. This e-commerce platform navigates in such a way that the desired products are easily accessible by the customers and leverage all the Magento platforms such as shipping, contact information, product color, Banner, Logo, multiple payment gateways, etc.

Our Magento website developers have significant exposure to the latest technologies to create e-commerce stores with unlimited features and widgets including PHP programming, Java Scripting, etc. Our experts facilitate the customers to enjoy the online shopping experience. Our team pays utmost attention to deliver customized Magento solutions regarding quality and performance that meets each unique business needs and attracts more prospects.

Exclusive Magento Features
Magento offers a broad spectrum of web development services for all the industry as well as client specific needs

Powerful & SEO Friendly

Magento e-commerce platform offers several search engine optimized features that are suitable enough to support all the needs of SEO such as site maps, template structure, etc.

International Customer Support

Support for local foreign currencies, order tracking, history and email updates, contact us form, etc.

Mobile Friendly

Magento establishes an experience with those customers who believe in shopping from their smartphones.

Advanced Catalog Management

Inventory management, updates to products in the admin panel, tax rates per location, Google base integration, create store-specific attributes, etc.


Magento offers its highly scalable performance with the proper hardware and Right configuration so that developers can easily support the requirements of enterprises/business. Its performance would not be affected by a sudden boost of traffic.

Multiple payment gateways

Choosing the right payment gateway is a vital role in online business. This e-commerce platform facilitates the processing of customer’s credit card, PayPal, Amazon payments, WorldPay, etc.

SEO Optimized

Magento is integrated with built-in SEO tools that assist the website pages to be smartly and regularly crawled by the search engine’s crawlers. As a result, the ranking of the web page automatically keeps on improving.

Free and open source

With this open source platform, thousands of developers work together on a single project and developers have the rights to access the codes, full control on processing information and modify the functionalities as per their requirements.

Why Choose Us For Magento Website Development
SAPL has years of experience in developing fully functional websites based on Magento platform.

Magento Expertise

SARA Analytics with dedicated and dynamic Magento developers knows how to utilize the latest technologies on Magento platforms as per your unique business needs. Through our expertise take your business to the next level hassle-free.


SEO Friendly

Our experts worked on improved SEO functionalities that bring a decent amount of traffic to your business website. We also provide Magento’s analytics tool that enables you to get reports of your sales, best-purchased products, etc.

Magento Development Services

One Page Checkout

Many online customers face issues in online shopping at the checkout page due to a complicated process. We build a well-documented e-commerce website to bring less shopping cart abandonments offering a pleasant shopping experience.


Complete Support

Our team of PHP developers specializes in solving all Magento web development queries in minimal time. Our round the clock presence and flexible meeting timelines will help to scale and grow your retail business in the quick span of time.

Hire Magento Web Developer

Hire Magento Web Developer

We develop innovative technical cart framework. Our expert enhances advanced technical skills to provide excellent optimization for the e-commerce store. Magento is unique and is favorite in the e-commerce platform. This platform offers robust performance and security. It is highly versatile and can be modified endlessly. It makes customers feel the joy of shopping at their door. This platform remains up to date and allows the users to process all the operations bug-freely that are involved from product ordering to its final delivery. Our team provides best hosting solutions to fit your requirements in your budget and increase your business productivity. It allows developing incredible front-end user experiences. Magento can control all the stores simultaneously and tackle the diverse commerce challenges in your business objectives. Our team is promoting long-term collaboration and relationships between client and companies. Magento ensures you are well positioned in your future business goals and creates a global architecture of multi online brands.

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