Blockchain And Artificial Intelligence

The blockchain is the most emerging technology of the future having the potential to change the future of finance and data security world. The decentralized system of Blockchain is the major reason for the world to adopt the Blockchain. By putting to work various decentralized ledgers to maintain records and verify the authenticity of the … Continue reading Blockchain And Artificial Intelligence

Impact Of Blockchain On Digital Economy

Blockchain technology has made a positive relationship between two unknown parties without any mediator or intrusion from the third party. Blockchain uses the decentralized system to keep records. In the databases backed by Blockchain Technology, entries can only be done by passing an authenticated encryption. Blockchain also ensures full transparency in the organization. The data … Continue reading Impact Of Blockchain On Digital Economy

Blockchain: A New Internet Architecture

Blockchain Technology has gained significant attention, possesses far more future potential than Bitcoin. Bitcoins are the most popular form of Cryptocurrency that took the finance market by storm at the beginning of 2018. It is a fact that all type of cryptocurrencies is back by a distributed ledger technology known as Blockchain. It is a … Continue reading Blockchain: A New Internet Architecture

Why Blockchain for Business?

Blockchain and cryptocurrency have gained a lot of popularity over the last decade, mainly due to the frantic growth rate. It is a fact that cryptocurrency has seen ups and down in the finance market. But among these ups and downs, the potential for Blockchain technology has been exposed on a broader scale. Blockchain Technology … Continue reading Why Blockchain for Business?

Blockchain: Why it is the Future of Technology?

Today on everyone’s tongue the word Blockchain is at full swing as starting off with the future predictions and the terms like Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin. Blockchain as a decentralized technology store the data digitally online and makes a copy for every authorized user to get secured access to that data. The data in blocks further … Continue reading Blockchain: Why it is the Future of Technology?

Advantages & Disadvantages of Blockchain Technology

The USP of a Blockchain Technology is that it permits a database to be shared directly without a central administrator to its associate members to bring transparency in the system. Rather than having some centralized application, Blockchain transactions have their self-proof of validity and authorization. Blockchain has the capacity to change the business style of … Continue reading Advantages & Disadvantages of Blockchain Technology

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