Blockchain Technology has gained significant attention, possesses far more future potential than Bitcoin. Bitcoins are the most popular form of Cryptocurrency that took the finance market by storm at the beginning of 2018. It is a fact that all type of cryptocurrencies is back by a distributed ledger technology known as Blockchain. It is a decentralized ledger or system implemented for recording and documenting transactions that take place digitally. Blockchain makes a copy for all the authorized users in a network, and a complex set of rules secures the data in Blockchain records. The content within them is protected by robust cryptography which makes sure that the transactions within the blocks cannot be edited or deleted by any of the parties or cannot hack by outside sources.

One of the important features of Blockchain Technology is that it allows transactions to happen without any need for central authority. The blockchain is widely used in the sector of Cryptocurrencies and has scope in other areas as well. Experts believe that the real potential of Blockchain is yet to be explored by the world, Cryptocurrency was a just the first step towards its vast future.

Below are some of the essential points that make a Blockchain a new internet architecture into the mainstream of business and finance:

International Payments

Traditionally the transfer of funds beyond the borders is an expensive and lengthy process. The reason for that is the involvement of multiple currencies and banks at different locations. The amount is processed for longer durations before the recipient can get the money. Blockchain, on the other hand, offers a much faster alternative to this system. The cost of remittance of the amount can be reduced to as low as 2% as compared to the current average of 20% with real-time processing of funds. There are still many hurdles to pass before this but, the future of online transactions lives in Blockchain Technology.

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Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts are the most significant potential of Blockchain Technology. They are the set of programmes backed by Blockchain Technology which can meet all the conditions of an agreement and lead the contract to execution. These provide more secured, and automated way for traditional contract laws and as well offers a cheaper and more effective medium for cracking contracts. There is no limitation over what type of contracts can be automated; this technology adopted in any sector hassle-free.

Security Purposes

One of the major threat to any kind of online transaction or data recording is from hackers and other unauthorized parties. Online data is secured through advanced cryptography. The information once entered cannot be altered in any condition. Blockchain offers a tremendous level of security. There is an independent verification system for authentication of transactions in the system. This mechanism can efficiently work in other fields like online data storage, payment mechanisms, and identity management.


Blockchain Technology is a new architecture in the field of banking and finance, and various organizations are interested in it for their future development. SARA Analytics as a Blockchain Development Company offers refined Blockchain services across the globe as per the customer needs. Any business interested in secured and faster processing of transactions of data can use this technology hassle-free.

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